As A Man Thinketh

As a man thinks in his heart so is he; ( Prov 23:7) It is proven that through the Law of Attraction, the conditions of our affairs and circumstances are attracted to us, to accord with the thoughts we hold steady in our consciousness. (pg.7) It is imperative that we understand the power of our thoughts, since they form the catalyst for creating; each thought is a creative genius! Each thought has the power to harm, heal or strengthen the body of the thinker of the thought. Thoughts can affect our relationships, our emotions, our  work and our quality of life in a profound way! Habitual thoughts in the conscious or surface mind, is fed into the subconscious mind, where they form a seat.  Our subconscious mind is neutral and faithfully feeds back to  the conscious mind whatever was stored there; this forms a continuous cycle.

We already have the gifts that allow us to love, form lasting relationships, create and to  expand. No one is excluded from receiving these gifts! However, we must choose to develop the mental equivalent of our desire through our thoughts. Since creation begins in the mind, we must be mindful of the quality of the thoughts we harbor. We will create positive or negative circumstances, according to the nature of our thoughts. We have the freedom to choose our thoughts.  What/how will you choose?


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