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Welcome!  Take a deep breath, beloved.

We are all in this universe together, sharing the human race consciousness and expressing the same basic desires. We desire lives of peace, ease and joy. We desire fulfilling relationships, the right work and to follow our bliss. We desire to live in opulence as this is our divine birthright! We all want to be loved, validated and to know that we matter. Our desires are dictated by the voice of infinite love and wisdom within ourselves.  This powerful voice forever calls us to live our truth, fulfill our destiny and embrace our divinity; it never lets us go until we yield to it!

The movement of the universe is hinged on beauty, change and expansion, and so must we be as we co-create with our greater power.  We are on this path of transformation together and the stage is set through our relationships with ourselves and others.  We are worthy of the gifts of grace, which is sufficient to support us as we transform.

“The Transforming Power of Affirmative Prayer; It works if you work it!”  was written with love through God’s grace and divine guidance to support you, beloved, as you transform and to embrace your own power and divinity.

This book teaches how the law of attraction works, about the dynamics of relationships, about the laws of love,  faith, forgiveness and gratitude. There are also teachings about grief, parenting, addictions, group work, etc.  Practical steps to manifestation and transformation are offered to support life long practices.  This is a handbook for life! This work helps to bring an awareness of any self sabotaging behavior which shows up as poor relationships, lack of progress, procrastination, fears, doubts, anxiety, anger, playing small, addictions and other self-defeating behaviors.

As you do your spiritual work and dormant dreams surface do not become surprised when others recognize the new liberated you!

I am here to transform and to support you beloved, as you transform. With gratitude and humility I invite you to join me … it works if you work it!

Grace Reynolds Victor

Grace Reynolds Victor is a licensed clinical social worker, with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from NYU and a Masters of Social Work from SUNY Stony Brook University, and trained as an interfaith minister with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NY.

“This book has arrived on this planet on a Divine time and fashion. Its arrival aligns with the birthing of our New World of light. This is a brilliant and complete guide that supports us in our spiritual work to manifesting this shift to our greater selves. This book is profoundly relevant at such a time as this!”  -Rev. A. Peazer

4 Replies to “Home”

  1. Grace there is something so beautiful about the introduction of your book that emmidiately evokes a feeling of oneness and holliness within my being that I want to hold as a precious gem, a gift.
    Namaste , Paz ✌🏽


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