“Grace Reynolds Victor is a pure, kind, strong soul.  As a teacher she offers grace, clothed in practical wisdom. When you read this book you can lean on her mighty faith until you find our own.” -Tama Kieves, bestselling author of This Time I Dance and Unstoppable: Succeeding in Your Life’s Work 

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There is a global call for the Spiritual transformation of people everywhere. We cannot deny that there is a major shift in the consciousness of the human race. This book is written with love as a tool for transformation one mind, one heart, one soul at a time; it is suitable as a counseling tool, clergy use, and for individual, family or group edification. It offers support for overcoming the bondages of lack, fear, addictions, shame, mediocrity and to instead, embrace a life of Spiritual purpose and elegance.

The author discusses her experience of feeling pain when she mistakenly thought that she was injured.   When she realized that she was not injured, the pain disappeared immediately without a trace.  This serves to inspire readers to observe their own thoughts and beliefs in order to realize that mind and matter are related.  Our thoughts and beliefs affect our well-being; in every moment of our lives, our every thought impacts us.  The reader is lovingly supported through each step as their thought pattern becomes affirmatively reprogrammed.

Grace talks about the book on television:

May you realize that as your mind is renewed, you become transformed. My prayer is that as you practice these principles, you realize your Divinity and that “the yoke of affirmative prayer is easy and its burden light.”  Beloved, “It works when you work it!”

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Grace Reynolds Victor is a licensed clinical social worker, with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from NYU and a Masters of Social Work from SUNY Stony Brook University, and trained as an interfaith minister with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NY.



“I came that you may have life abundantly…” – John 10:10

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